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About us

The idea of Medical Technology started in 2002 by the founders: Ramy Oda Pacha, Adel ELShourbagy, Ashraf Adly, and Adham Oda Pacha. All of them had quite considerable experience in the medical equipment field in Egypt and Middle East. The name Medical Technology came simply from the fact that we are providing the technology part of the medical practice. Thus, the main focus of Medical Technology is to provide high technology medical equipment to the Egyptian healthcare sector as well as providing excellent after sales service to make sure these equipment are operating perfectly according to manufacturers’ standards and healthcare institutes expectations.

Our first step was to gain Toshiba Medical Systems (now named Canon Medical Systems) exclusive distributorship in Egypt. Toshiba was an active participant in the Egyptian healthcare imaging sector since the 70s. Currently Canon Medical Systems (previously named Toshiba) has the largest installed base of medical imaging equipment in Egypt.

During the subsequent years, Medical Technology always seek to complete its offering portfolio which is mainly directed to healthcare professionals in both radiology and cardiology areas. Throughout the years Medical technology succeeded to gain the exclusive representation of leading global medical equipment manufacturers such as Konica Minolta, Eizo, Metaltronica, Oki & Bayer.

Along with the continuous growth, We are paying close attention to the quality of our service and always making sure we are growing our operating capacity to accommodate growth. Our operating capacity upgrades are executed on three complementary aspects: Personnel, Financial, Technical and Geographical coverage.

Since its establishment, Medical Technology has always placed customer satisfaction and intimacy as the first priority. Day by day, customers are admiring the way we operate and have increasing confidence of our long term support.

our Mission

It is a simple commitment to our customers

“To make technology an asset for your healthcare institute, not a problem. We work around your medical practice. We strive to make technology integrates seamlessly with your healthcare service so your institute can grow. As your technology partner, when your institute grows our company will grow with you, therefore, we will work hand in hand with you to support your growth.”

For our employees it is even simpler

“We strive to make our company an extension of your family. Our relation goes beyond business operations, we care about you, your future and your family. Together we grow and build better successful future as a company and as persons”

our Vision

"Our vision is clear and our ambition for greatness is unwavering"

“Becoming one of the market leaders in the medical field in Egypt, connecting global manufacturers to healthcare institutes with reliable world class support, no matter how challenging the domestic conditions”


“Commitment to our promises is our way to do business. It goes beyond any calculations. That’s how we gained the trust of our strategic partners, customers and employees” Ramy Oda Pacha, Chairman

“I am proud of leading such a talented team which is the real back bone of Medical Technology operations. Markets and financials change, our team is our constantly growing non-depletable asset” Adel El-Shourbagy, CEO

“Growth was never a target, healthy growth is what we are looking for. We make sure to build the needed capacity before engaging into any growth opportunity” Adham Oda Pacha, CFO

“I am proud that we have created a successful and enduring company because it was built from the heart. Its foundation is strong because it is built with the strength of the human spirit. Luckily, we are blessed with the strongest and most talented spirits who are an integral part of this company’s mission” Ashraf Adly, Vice President

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